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About Us


Wungening Moort is a Consortium of Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations that offers culturally secure, responsive and practical support for families in contact with the child protection system in the Perth metropolitan area.

The Wungening Moort partners are:

  • Wungening Aboriginal Corporation (lead agency)
  • Coolabaroo Community Services
  • Ebenezer Aboriginal Corporation
  • Moorditj Koort

Wungening Moort provides an Aboriginal In-home Support Service across the Perth metropolitan area to keep children and young people safely at home with family, connected with country, culture and community.

About Wungening Aboriginal Corporation (Lead Agency)

Wungening Aboriginal Corporation (Wungening) is a progressive, innovative and sector-leading Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation. Established in 1989, and formerly the Aboriginal Alcohol and Drug Service (AADS), Wungening has a vision for a healthy, safe, strong and sustainable Aboriginal community and we pride ourselves on providing a range of culturally secure, confidential and free of charge services for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people who live in the Perth metropolitan area. Services include alcohol and other drug therapeutic supports, youth and adult justice programs, an Aboriginal in-home support service; and a short term supported accommodation refuge for women and children escaping family and domestic violence.

More information about Wungening Aboriginal Corporation can be found at:


About Coolabaroo Community Services

Coolabaroo Community Services (Coolabaroo) is an Aboriginal organisation that has been operating for 30 years.  Coolabaroo was established to assist Aboriginal children and families and provide skills and expertise in working with Aboriginal families and community, complemented by their large Aboriginal workforce.  Coolabaroo has long term, trusted relationships and connections with Aboriginal parents, families and community the metropolitan area, particularly the Armadale and Cannington District corridors and has demonstrated culturally appropriate safe, secure and competent methodologies which recognise and celebrate Aboriginal cultural parenting in parallel with non-Aboriginal parenting styles.  Coolabaroo staff are experienced across a range of program areas, offering a holistic family support model incorporating wrap around services, flexibility and experience in collaboration and coordination with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal agencies.

More information about Coolabaroo Community Services can be found at:


About Ebenezer

Ebenezer has worked in the crisis accommodation sector for young people at risk (15-25 years) for over 30 years.  It provides emergency youth accommodation support, incorporating a 5 bedroom Crisis facility for females aged 15-25, and 2 transitional facilities that support females and males aged 16-25 for a period of 2 years. The accommodation program is designed to assist clients to move from emergency accommodation through to independent living.  Ebenezer case manages clients to address issues contributing to homelessness and assists them to increase their skills, tools and knowledge for independent living. The Case management plan covers a wide range of topics that include management of finances, health and wellbeing, employment and training, life skills, relationships, conflict management and accommodation.

More information about Ebenezer Aboriginal Corporation can be found at:


About Moorditj Koort Aboriginal Health and Wellness Centre

Moorditj Koort Aboriginal Health and Wellness Centre (Moorditj Koort) was established in 2010 as an Aboriginal Health and Wellness Centre for Aboriginal patients living in the Perth metropolitan area. Moorditj Koort has an Aboriginal CEO with a workforce comprising 80 per cent Aboriginal staff.  Moorditj is a patient management service for Aboriginal peoples accessing General Practice, Allied and Specialist health services. The organisation has grown significantly over the past seven years and now provides Care Coordinators, Health Promotion specialists and visiting Specialists.  Moorditj is a professional, independent, all-inclusive organisation that offers culturally secure health and wellbeing services to the local Perth metropolitan Aboriginal community. This is achieved through strong relationships with local health services, agencies and the community.  Moorditj Koort have a wide range of programs and services.

More information about Moorditj Koort Aboriginal Health and Wellness Centre can be found at: